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Brittany Billiard Table

Brittany Billiard Table


The Brittany is a French-style pool table made out of solid African hardwood and is supported by tapered square legs. Beautiful metal appliques bolted to the cabinet are optional. This table comes in a light Cinnamon finish. This pool table is available in 7′ or 8′.  The Billiards Table also features a stunningly unique metal applique on the corners of the cabinet. This comes in two different designs, either a Star or a Fleur de lis.

  • Specifications

    8’ Dimensions

    99″L x 55″W x 31”H

    7’ Dimensions

    89″L x 50″W x 31”H

    Table Size: 7’ or 8’
    Finish: Cinnamon
    Pockets: Leather Shield or Fringe
    Cloth: Different color options available, photographed with Aztec
    Sights: Diamond
    Leg: Tapered
    Metal Applique: A metal applique on the corners of the cabinet is an option and your choice is either a Star or a Fleur de lis.
  • Table Construction

    Table Construction

    • This table is engineered with four cross beams that measure 5” x 2.5” each. The interlocking of these beams creates a strong platform to support the slate.

    Cushion Rubbers

    • Presidential’s BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers are used on all our tables.
    • This superior quality cushion rubber results in one of the liveliest and most accurate rails in the industry.


    • Solid wood 5.5” wide rails
    • Solid wood frame


    • 1” 3-piece K-pattern slate
    • The slate is diamond honed to perfection to within ten-thousands of an inch
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